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Who We Do Not Work For

by / Friday, 11 November 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

Recently I came across a public announcement of sorts on the Net from someone requesting a painter to paint their home. It reads as follows:

“I’m just looking to have a living room and bedroom painted.  No cathedral ceilings, just basic 9 ft ceilings square rooms. I already have the paint, just got busy at work and can’t find the time, not looking to break the bank, this project should’t take more than 2 days.  Will pay 150.00 cash.”

This is an example of someone who’s not counted the cost of painting their home.  This project should take somewhere around 13 total man hours to complete on average. That means someone needs to be willing to work for $11.50 an hour if $150.00 is the invoiced amount.

There are two types of painters who would take this project:

  1. Someone who’s uninsured.
  2. Someone who’s uninsured and needing some weekend drinking money.

Do you really want someone uninsured working in your home?  What if he gets hurt?  Guess who he will sue?  And furthermore, do you really want someone in your home who needs their next “fix.”  If you don’t know their last name, company name, where you can find them, then what will you do if they steal from you or worse yet, hurt you??

There’s some people you should not have working in your home around your wife, children, and possessions.  And it’s the “painter” who will work for $150.00 on a project like this!

Hire a professional who’s insured and bonded!  Hire a reputable company! Have it done right the first time and safely for your family!

-Carl Grizovic, Owner

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