Painting is more than the lowest price; much, much more.  Periodically, my estimates are higher than another painter and I am always skeptical about that because more times than not, the customer will go with the lower bid.

I think the main reason for this is not even money per se.  I think the bigger issue here is an assumption that all painters are the same.  Think about it, if you have three painters out to give an estimate and they are all within a couple hundred dollars of one another, most likely you will go with the cheapest because they all are professional painters…they should know how to paint, right??

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  GreenWay Painting has amenities that I have yet to find with another painting contractor.  These amenities are kind of like purchasing insurance on a product you buy.  For example, I just spent a lot of money on bunk beds.  I purchased the insurance for it which I think was around $100.00.  Three weeks after I got the bunk beds, the side rail cracked and became a hazard to my son.  I called the company I bought the bed from and they came out three days later to fix the issue.

I would say painters are usually like buying bunk beds but without the insurance.  Anyone will come to paint your walls if you give them money, but how many of them will truly take care of you properly like this bunk bed company took care of me?  Let me share with you some of the amenities you can expect to have with GreenWay Painting that I am almost positive you will not have with other companies:

Interior Projects:

  1. We take off our shoes or put on booties to protect your floors.
  2. We drop out the areas we paint.
  3. We pole sand our walls before painting to prepare the surface for paint.
  4. We fill nails holes and cracks with drywall mud.
  5. We caulk joints that need to be caulked before we paint.
  6. We use top-quality products always.
  7. We are courteous to the customer and their children.
  8. We work hard and fast so we do not prolong your job.
  9. We clean up the area we work in and make it look better than it did before we started.  We just painted a commercial job a couple weeks ago where the contractor before us left an absolute mess.  We cleaned that whole mess up before we left the job and it was not even our mess.
  10. We paint the appropriate amount of coats which is almost always two coats of paint or more to ensure proper coverage.  The one-coat coverage that the home improvement stores advertise is for the birds.
  11. We do not play loud music or offensive music, which I have yet to see even a couple of other companies practice this rule.  Most times we do not even bring a radio onto the jobsite because we do not want to disturb the homeowner in anyway.
  12. We clean up other painters messes from the previous paint job such as paint on hardwood floors or tile; we do this within reason of course.  If the whole house has paint all over everything we do not take care of those issues as they are very extensive repairs.
  13. We give a one year, one time touch up from the date the estimate is submitted, free of charge.  We want to keep you painting project looking as good as it can for as long as it can and so we feel that a one-time touch up is a great idea!
  14. We try to use spray applications of paint as much as possible because everyone knows there is no paint job like a sprayed finish.  I know I am partial, but our painters are the best spray specialists I have ever seen.
  15. We are incredibly prompt.  We are in and out.  Homeowners almost always ask me how many days I will be on their project and they are surprised to find that it is usually half the amount of time they thought it would be.  We are not procrastinators in any sense of the word.
  16. We show up when we say we will and if something comes up we call immediately to let the homeowner know.   You will not have no-call, no-shows like I hear about so often with other painters.
  17. We have very open communication with the homeowner about the progress of the project.  Whether it is phone calls, text, or email, we are on top of our game and will communicate thoroughly with you.
  18. We always seek to walk the project with the homeowner before we leave to ensure that everything looks the way it should.  If you are not happy, we ARE NOT happy.  We do have a policy that the customer is right and if you are not satisfied then we seek to make amends any way we can.  We usually have such a high-success rate with happy customers that these are rare occasions where someone is dissatisfied.
  19. We offer references and encourage homeowners to call them.  Ask them anything you want.  Get your questions ready beforehand.  We are confident you will only hear great things about GreenWay.
  20. The painters who work at GreenWay have worked in multi-million dollar homes for years.  During the booming housing market years ago that is what we specialized in.  So our quality had to be top-notch for our clients and we treat all jobs like multi-million dollar homes.  I can confidently say that there is hardly a painter out there who has had the experience of working in those high-end homes because those homes are for the fortunate few.
  21. We are licensed and bonded.
  22. We are certified with the EPA for lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting, which is a federal regulatory program affecting painting contractors like GreenWay effective April 22, 2010.  This means we are equipped and certified to safely deal with your lead-based paint issues inside your home.
  23. Last, but not least, we will work around your schedule, no questions asked.  We work nights, weekends, week days, long days, short days, whatever you need us to work that fits with your schedule.

Exterior Projects:

  1. We almost always pressure wash homes to ensure proper adhesion of paint.  There are few times where pressure washing is unnecessary and we will let you know our professional opinion on the matter when we visit the site.
  2. We scrape, caulk and patch appropriate joints.  Most times we are on a job, we find areas that have never been prepped properly, even when the house was being built.  We take care of those issues for you.
  3. We caulk vinyl or wood windows to your brick.  Some houses have never been caulked in these areas which cause major leaks inside sometimes and/or rotting of sills.  Others that have been caulked are more often than not cracked back out.  Most painters will not caulk these joints because they are trying to save time and money [the caulk is not cheap].  And the few painters that do caulk these areas use regular latex caulk.  Even if that latex caulk is lifetime guaranteed that is still a major issue because it is the wrong product.  You need to use an oil-based caulk for those joints.  It outlasts ALL products on the market.  I would say give yourself 15-20 years at least before needing to be redone again, if you ever need to redo it again at all; it’s that good!!
  4. We enjoy our work as painters.
  5. We do not leave any trash lying around at the end of the day.
  6. The jobsite looks tidy at the end of the day.
  7. If kids are around, we do not leave our ladders up around the house at night.
  8. We use drop clothes to keep paint off concrete and other areas that are not supposed to be painted.  We even drop out our window sills so when we are working over those areas we do not have drops of paint falling on the sills.
  9. We encourage two coats of paint on exteriors to ensure proper coverage and proper durability.  Most painters will not even recommend two coats because they are trying to keep costs down to simply win the job.
  10. We ONLY use the best paints on the market for exteriors.  We do not want to be called back in two years saying the paint has faded terribly and the paint is peeling.  Rest assured that the very best products have been carefully chosen for your project.  GreenWay has done much research in the way of different exterior products and we are confident that we have found the very best paint you can buy today and that’s what we use!
  11. We offer a two-year warranty against peeling from the date the estimate is submitted.  We are SO confident in our products and service that we guarantee a two full years against peeling.
  12. Back man doors are prone to fail at the bottoms where the rain hits the ground and sits up against that wood.  Usually we are replacing the brick mold on these areas, but regardless of whether we are replacing the brick mold or not, we are ALWAYS caulking the wood to the aluminum or brick with the oil-based caulk I was talking about earlier.  This ensures that no water gets underneath that wood and rots the wood.  And I know of no other painter doing this because I have yet to be on a job where this area was caulked when I showed up on the site and frankly I think that is sad because that brick mold rots super quick if not sealed up properly.
  13. We also use that oil-based caulk on the tops of light fixtures outside.  Half the time, those are not caulked and are left exposed to the rain and snow.  We all know water and electric do not mix well together and after GreenWay finishes your project, you will not have to worry about the two mixing ever again.
  14. We take off the house numbers and spray them with rust inhibitor spray paint.  This is one of my favorite parts of the job [as well as using the oil-based caulk] because these are the small things that we do to take care of our customers.  A lot of times these things go unnoticed, but we don’t care because we leave the job feeling satisfied that this house looks beautiful…all of it!
  15. Sometimes there is poor design on the builder’s part where they butt wood up on top of vinyl siding.  This means that the back of that wood is unprimed AND left exposed to the elements which mean rotting wood is in that wood’s future.  We also caulk those areas to the vinyl with the oil based caulk to prevent rotting wood.
  16. We replace any and all exterior boards that are rotted or damaged.  Our painters are fully equipped with both the skill and proper tools to replace failing wood.
  17. Like our interior projects, we always seek to walk the project with the homeowner before we leave to ensure that everything looks the way it should.
  18. We travel up to a few hours away so tell your relatives about GreenWay.
  19. We clean out gutters free of charge when we paint an entire exterior.
  20. We are insured and have up-to-date Worker’s Comp.
  21. We are certified with the EPA for lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting, which is a federal regulatory program affecting painting contractors like GreenWay effective April 22, 2010.  This means we are equipped and certified to safely deal with your lead-based paint issues outside your home.
  22. Last, but not least, we tap gutter spikes tight.

I do not know what more we can do as a painting company to exceed your expectations, but I am confident that these lists far exceed other painting contractors.  I do not know where we will fall price-wise with another painting contractor [sometimes we are the lowest, sometimes the highest and sometimes right in the middle] but regardless of price remember that our quality, durability and professionalism is unbeatable.   Contrary to popular belief, all painters are not the same.

Thank you.

Mr. C.A. Grizovic, Jr. President