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What Paint Should I Buy?

What paint should you buy? It seems homeowners go just about anywhere to buy paint.  Perhaps it is because “they were already there” and didn’t want to go to the paint store. Or perhaps they thought it was a better priced paint or even a good paint.  Whatever the reason, it’s not worth buying.

Why not?  Let 11 years of hands-on painting experience speak to this.

1] As far as interior paint is concerned, unprofessional paints are thick and hard to work with.  The reason this matters is because the thicker and harder the paint is to work with, the more it will prevent straight lines from being made while painting.  Also, after the paint dries, you can see heavy brush strokes from even the best painter all because of the poor quality paint.  And Lastly, most times after you do the “brush work” and come back to roll the walls, the roller will actually pull the brushed paint right back off the wall; the adhesion in these cheap paints is very poor.

2] Also with interior paint, the paint does not cover itself well at all.  Be prepared to paint numerous coats for good coverage.  I just recently painted a Cincinnati Bengals Orange color in a home that took at least seven coats to cover [I eventually lost count].  The home improvement store that it was purchased from said to use a “Gray” primer as an undercoat and I did.  Seven or eight coats later it finally covered right.

3] My last example is the saddest of all- a true story.  On an exterior I had painted years ago the customer had bought the paint himself from a local home improvement store.  I pressure washed the home well with cleaner as is our custom.  A day or two later we put a full coat of exterior primer on all the exterior trim.  Then we put a full coat of finish on the trim.  As we finished up, we got paid and left.  I thought nothing of it until five years later I was driving through that same neighborhood and saw that same home.  What I saw was a nightmare.  The paint was chipping off the house all over.  You could blame the painter, you could blame the paint, but one thing I can guarantee is that this does not happen with Sherwin Williams and Porter top-of-the-line products.

If you want paint that will last, go to the pros.  I recommend Sherwin Williams, Porter Paints, or Benjamin Moore.  They are time-tested!  If money is an issue, don’t paint!  Wait until you can afford a good quality paint so as not to compromise quality.   You don’t want to have to redo it all over just a few years later.

MONEY SAVING EXAMPLE:  Lowes sells a gallon of “lifetime” exterior paint for $35.98.  GreenWay buys Sherwin Williams Lifetime Duration for $36.00 a gallon.  So much for saving money.

Here is another great site for a list of paint’s you can buy.