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What kind of experience follows GreenWay?

by / Saturday, 13 February 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

Every once in a while a potential customer will ask, “what kind of experience does GreenWay have” or they will ask “how long have you been painting?”

Both are great questions and I thoroughly enjoy hearing those questions because it shows me that the customer knows what they want and what they want is experience.  Secondly, it gives me a great opportunity to reveal the foundation of GreenWay.

I started painting in 1999 and worked for a German man who was as kind as can be, but that was masked behind the hardest worker I have ever seen.  On the job site, he would appear to most to be a jerk because he worked so hard, fast and did not have time for small talk, but I knew the man behind the hard worker and he really was a great, family man.  He would often tell stories about the hard worker of a man who trained him and as he described this man, I saw what made my boss into the man he was; he was a mirrored reflection of that man.  As a young punk at the time, I learned first hand, by example, what it meant to have a good work ethic in a day and age where the younger are struggling to be independent from their parents’ success’.  I learned how to provide for a family.  I learned how to work long hours.  I learned the most efficient way to provide a professional painting service for customers.

Anyways, I worked for this German for seven years, primarily doing repaints and primarily working in Anderson Township, OH.  I had hoped to make a career out of working for that company, but each year was slow in the winter and I needed something stable to provide for my family because my wife did not work.  I found the perfect job in West Chester, OH where I was guaranteed winter work so I went to work there.

In West Chester, we primarily worked in new construction, but more specifically in multi-million dollar homes for four years.  So there is a wide range of experience of circumstances that I have worked under from repaints to new construction.

As for my workers, two of them have worked with me since 2000 with my first painting employer.  They even worked with me with this other company in the multi-million dollar homes for four years.  The third employee I have I worked with for four years in the multi-million dollar homes.  I am very fortunate to have the same work crew for this many years.  I know them very, very well and am too excited they are now working for me.  I hope I never have to hire anyone again!

My faux finish painter has been an artist her whole life and when not working on the job site, she is designing and creating something at home on the walls.  Her faux finishes, murals, and children’s themes are second to none.

In closing, I’d like to list our points of experience for easy reading:

  • Same work crew for ten years where camaraderie and friendship have been established
  • Seven years of primary experience with repaints on occupied homes
  • Four years of primary experience with new multi-million dollar homes where perfection was required
  • Hard working example in the owner/boss for seven years prior to GreenWay’s beginning
  • Eleven years of full-time painting; painting has been my only career
  • Working for two professional painting contractors prior to GreenWay beginning, which reveals that we are in this for the long haul; we do not change jobs every three months, thus not having a high turnover rate with employees.
  • Eleven years experience has proved that it only pays to use the best painting products on the market!  So you can expect that we come to work on your project that we are using the very best products available.

I hope this gives you a small picture about the experience that drives GreenWay Painting.  We look forward to pleasing one customer at a time and hope you will be our next!

Best Regards,

Carl Grizovic, Owner

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