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Watering Down Paint

by / Saturday, 19 June 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

Numerous painters I have run into throughout the years have openly admitted to adding water to paint.  For the person who does not know there are big problems with that, frankly, there are.  Primarily, if the paint manufacturers thought there needed to be more water in paint, they would have manufactured it that way.  All paint has a percentage of “solids” and “liquids” in each can.  Your cheaper paint is usually  over 90% liquid and less than 10% solid.  Your top-of-the-line paints are upwards of 53%-55% solid and 45%-47% liquid.  Point being, water in paint is lessening is coverage, lessening it’s durability, and lessening it’s washability.

Most painters I know personally are not using top-of-the-line products.  And then most of them that are using lower grade paints are watering down their paint.  Again, this makes coverage more difficult.  If you have ever painted a room and have it look great only until six months later you could “see through” the paint then you know what I mean about poor coverage.  All paint fades over time, even inside homes.  That’s why you need good coverage.

Or let’s take the durability  factor with watered down paint.  Exteriors are notorious for peeling and fading paint.  Again, that’s why good products are of the necessity.  Adding water to paint rapidly speeds up the peeling and fading factor!

And what about washability.  Every homeowner wants to be able to wash their walls.  Only the best products are washable.  But then most painters are adding water to their paint thus voiding any washability you might have had.

Then why water down paint?  Money!  Painters are trying to cut costs to survive a struggling economy.  How do you know your painter is not watering down his paint?  Ask him.  And press him about the issue.  Keep insisting that no water be added to the paint.

As for GreenWay, we never add water to the paint.  All my painters know that water is to never be added to paint.  So how do I know that my painters are not adding water to their paint?  I’m so glad you asked.  Remember, my workers have been together for four plus years from before GreenWay was ever established.  And three of those six have been with me for ten plus years.  Before I owned a business I worked with these men for years side by side and they never added water to paint.

Ultimately it comes down to a trust factor.  Can you trust your painter to do what he said he would do?  You’ll have no problems with GreenWay, I promise.

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