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Unprofessional Painters

by / Thursday, 17 November 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

The number one complaint we hear from homeowners and our contractor partners is their previous painter “never showed up.”  Or he was continually late.  Or he would come in one day and not the next.

It gives painting contractors a bad rep.  But what if you could find a painting contractor who, from start to finish, was punctual and professional?

Here at GreenWay – you can be assured that at the time you request an estimate we will respond very fast to set the appointment, you can be assured that we will show up within the hour window we give you for the estimate [or call if we are running behind], you can be assured that on day one of the project the painters will be on time, you can be assured that we will be there everyday unless otherwise stated, and lastly, you can be assured the project will be finished quickly.

At GreenWay we know your time is precious [ours is too] so that’s why we are not in the business of wasting clients’ time. We are in the business of professionally painting varying surfaces so call today and experience professionalism at its best.

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