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Tips on Painting Your Living Room

by / Wednesday, 18 January 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

While the living room was once a fairly formal place to socialize, most people have gradually shifted toward a more casual, family-room style. However, first impressions still count, and that is no exception for the living/family room. When people enter your home, they often see the living room first.  You’ll want to make sure that they get the best first impression, especially if you are trying to sell your home.

To present the living room in the best possible way, look at its unique features. Are there windows? Fireplaces? Staircases? Bookshelves or alcoves? These all represent unique features that you can accentuate with a little bit of paint. Try to find a focal point for the room–some unique feature that you’d like people to notice. Then decide on your painting scheme based on that feature.
A fireplace, for instance, makes a great, home-y focal point. If you have a small fireplace, you can even make it look bigger. Paint the fireplace with a color you like, then continue the color out onto the surrounding walls. Switch to a different color for the rest of the walls.

We hope that this tip helps when trying to decide how exactly to repaint your living room. Once you have an idea of what you want, we’d love to help you out with the execution. So to get a professional painting quote, please don’t hesitate to contact Greenway Painting at 513-405-7048. We have all the experience you’d want from Cincinnati painting contractors.

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