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The Sky’s the Limit with Blue Paint

by / Monday, 09 April 2012 / Published in Exterior House Painting

If you are still pondering what color to paint the exterior of your home, you can never go wrong with blue. Although some may think that blue is reserved for those coastal towns, many shades of blue fit in well no matter where you live, even Cincinnati!

Usually when it comes to exterior house painting, people stick with darker shades of blue. Many of these closely resemble the more neutral gray. Older homes look good with stormy hue blue, spruce blue, or even pewter. Blue also works well for homes that have a stone foundation, especially Victorian homes.

If your home is painted a shade of gray, painting the shutters marine blue is a great way to liven it up a bit. These colors complement each other well and at the same time provide enough contrast to stand out. They also work well together when used on the shutters of a warm-colored house, such as a red brick one. Another option is crème-colored trim, which makes blue and gray “pop” with color.

With smaller homes you may be able to try out brighter blues. Powder blue, aqua, and turquoise stand out and can look great on small houses. You can always tone down these bright colors with more muted shades on the shutters or trim. Or why not really go for it and choose a color on the opposite side of the color wheel from blue for the perfect complement. For instance, if you pair powder blue with a salmon orange, you’re sure to make a bold statement.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home this spring or summer, it’s never too early to start with an estimate. Give a call to a Cincinnati painting contractor you trust. (Greenway will give you a free estimate at 513.405.7048.) Whether you’re looking to paint trim, the shutters, or repaint the entire house, the sky’s the limit.

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