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The Liability Of Painting Your House "On The Side"

by / Monday, 14 June 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

Many people are into saving money these days and so am I.

Many people have various projects around the house they are spending money on and so am I.

Many of these projects homeowners decide to hire men and/or women from the service industry to complete these projects and so do I.

In the last six months, I have incurred much spending to various businesses from the service industry.  My cast iron drain going out to the main on the street busted and needed replaced.  My electrical breaker box got soaked from rain for months and I did not know it and it had to be replaced.  My HVAC system breaks quarterly and so I am having it replaced presently.  Perhaps you do not know the costs of those items, but it was very pricey.

I would be unwise to invite these servicemen into my home without showing proper general liability insurance and workers’ compensation.  The liability is this: if they get hurt on my property and they are not covered by their own insurance, guess who pays the bill if they get hurt…ME!

These people who do not carry proper insurance and who work in peoples’ homes are what we call people who “work on the side.”  Meaning they are keeping their labor costs to a minimum because they are not paying for insurance and possibly not paying taxes on the money they earn.  Not only is that causing a major blow to the prosperity of small businesses nationwide who do carry proper insurances, but the liability the homeowners are assuming by hiring people “on the side” is very high.

Suppose a man has a wife and three children, does not carry proper insurance, insists on working “on the side” and he falls and breaks his neck at your house.  What makes any homeowner think that that man will not sue that homeowner, even it he is an acquaintance or friend?  If you need to feed your wife and children and it’s a choice between your family or a stranger/friend, you better believe they’ll be picking family!

In short, the liability of having your house painted on the side is incredibly dangerous and frankly, I’d not be wanting to put my own family in that type of liability and that type of a gamble.  Thank goodness the plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians did not get hurt at my home, but more importantly than that thank goodness they had insurance.  And it was worth the extra several hundred or couple grand to not put my family in that type of liability.

Think twice about having a man climb 25 feet onto the side of your house without insurance.  And check for insurance before you hire anyone!

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