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The Hidden Costs of DIY

by / Friday, 30 December 2011 / Published in Exterior House Painting

So you think you’re ready to repaint the exterior of your house on your own. After all, painting’s a simple job, right? Why pay someone else to do something you can handle yourself? Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. While anyone with a paintbrush, some paint and a ladder might be able to slap a coat of paint on your home, there’s small chance that anyone that’s not a professional will do the job well. And when it comes to your home, this isn’t something you should leave to chance.

Of course WE’D say that, right? After all, we are professional painters. But please don’t write this off as simply self-serving. In the end, trying to paint your house yourself is likely to cost you more in the long run than hiring someone to do it right the first time. So what are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional painter? We’ll just give you a few.

A professional painter already has all of the tools and materials necessary to the job. Caulking, sealants, spackle, wood filler, dust masks, eye protection, chemical cleaners, drop cloths, ladders, expensive brushes…. That’s not even an exhaustive list of the things you’d need to purchase or borrow in order to paint your home yourself. Never mind the cost of the paint!

A professional painter knows how to properly prep your house and will catch things you’d miss. Your home needs to be cleaned thoroughly before the paint will adhere correctly. Windows, cracks and other spaces need to be caulked, and if there’s any rotten wood or structural damage to your home, it will need to be fixed before the paint goes on. If the fixes aren’t done, you could end up dealing with something much worse than a bad paint job. Then any areas that you don’t want painted need to be masked off and you need to protect your lawn, walkways, plants and other areas from stray paint with drop cloths or specialty coverings.

A professional painter knows how to do the job safely. Did you notice the safety equipment we listed in the materials you’d need to buy? Believe it or not, you can get seriously hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. Paint in your eyes is the least of your worries. You could fall from an improperly placed ladder or slip in wet paint. Also, many of the chemicals you’ll need to clean your home are harmful to breathe in, as is the dust if you don’t have a quality dust mask on.

If those reasons aren’t enough, think about the time that you’ll have to spend painting. This isn’t a quick weekend project. Who’s paying for the hours that YOU will have to put in if someone else doesn’t do the job for you? That’s time taken away from work and family.

So please, don’t try to paint your home yourself. Hire a professional cincinnati exterior house painting company like GreenWay to do the job right!


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