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The Cost Of Painting Your Home Yourself

by / Thursday, 26 November 2009 / Published in Eco-Friendly Practices, Home Improvement, Home Maintenance, Interior House Painting
Painting Your Home? 

Recently, I happened to be in three different homeowners homes who had previously painted their own home, or the previous owner had painted the home.  In all three of these homes, the present homeowner paid me to fix the imperfections in their work or the previous owners work.

If you watch TV for any length of time you are going to see the home improvement stores advertising aggressively on painting your home yourself to save money.  And I am here to say that can be quite deceiving.  I am not against saving money, nor painting your own home, but as I have written in previous articles, please count the cost.

  1. If you are lapping paint up on the ceiling [and that is really easy to do even with blue tape because the paint seeps underneath the tape believe it or not], then a few years down the road when you do not feel like painting, you will probably be hiring a painter to repaint not only your walls as you change the color but you will be painting your ceilings as well that probably otherwise would not have needed to be done.
  2. If you are lapping paint up onto your trim work, you have a very expensive mistake on your hands.  Painting trim is the most expensive endeavor when painting a home.  It takes far longer than walls and especially longer than ceilings.  Most homeowners can wait a decade or two before needing to repaint the trim in their home, but if you have red or blue lapped up all over your trim and you change the wall color to beige then you have a very big problem on your hands.  You are going to see that red or blue all over the place and it will be an eye sore up against your freshly painted beige, not to mention buying all the equipment you need to paint your home.
  3. Most homeowners I talk with had a lot of gusto to save money and attempt to paint a major project in their home.  This is usually when they are younger.  As they get older and as they make more money, they say to themselves, “I am going to hire a professional this time around.”  So the homeowner has lost money on the obsolete equipment they bought years ago and they just hired a professional who will have to take more time and labor fixing the ceilings and trim if paint is lapped up on those areas.

Count the cost before painting yourself.  Are you going to have $100.00 in equipment bought only to hire a professional next time around?  Are you going to have paint lapped on the ceilings and trim?  If so, you may want to hire a professional first time around.