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Showing Your Stripes (Part Two)

by / Monday, 04 June 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

Last week, you planned out the number of stripes you wanted on paper. Next, decide whether you want to use flat or glossy paint. Alternating stripes of semi-gloss and flat paint can give great dimension to a room.

Once your planning’s done, the first step in painting a striped wall is no different than painting any other wall: You first need to prepare the surface. Make sure that there is no wallpaper, and if there are rough edges, those need to be sanded down. Be sure to wipe the wall down after you sand, and allow ample time to dry.

When your prep work is done, it’s time to paint the entire wall with one of your stripe colors as a base. You’ll paint the other set of stripes over it, leaving the base color showing through where necessary. It’ll go much quicker that way. If you’re alternating flat and glossy, we’d recommend using the flat color as the base.

After your base coat is dry, mark out where your stripes will go. Use blue chalk to make your marks. Once that’s done, apply strips of tape to the outside edges of the stripes that you will paint with your second color. You’ll paint inside the tape outline of every other stripe. Borrow, rent or buy a laser level to help make sure that the edges of your tape are perfectly straight up and down.

After you have everything taped, make sure that the tape is sealed to the wall. You may find it helpful to run a putty knife or even a credit card over it to seal it in (but be careful not to scratch the base color). This will make sure that no paint seeps underneath, ruining your edges.

Finally, paint your stripes. Paint slightly over the tape to get nice clean edges, but make sure not to paint over into the base coat stripes. One coat should be enough. Allow enough time to dry, and then remove the tape, angling away from the parts you just painted. Touch up where necessary, and you’re done?

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