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Replacing Rotted Wood in Cincinnati

by / Friday, 09 October 2009 / Published in Exterior House Painting, Home Improvement, Home Maintenance
Wood Replacement – 

While I am giving a painting estimate for an exterior on a house, I find wood that has rotted.  There are a couple of contributing factors as to why the wood has deterioated.  Some factors include: too much time has elapsed between paint jobs on the home, the previous painter didn’t properly cover the wooden surfaces, or the preparatory work from the previous painter was insufficient.

One of the greatest strengths of GreenWay Painting is our ability to replace most types of rotted wood.  If we are replacing wood with wood, we prime all sides of the wood before installation. In addition, we completely caulk and putty the appropriate joints. Finally we use a product called Stampede [from Sherwin Williams] or NP1 [from Porter Paints] to caulk the wood to the adjoining concrete or brick.  These durable, oil-based caulks ensure that not even the slightest bit of water can penetrate behind the replaced wood.  Another solution involves replacing the rotted wood with plastic.  In this case, we caulk and putty the appropriate joints and use the Stampede or NP1 if necessary.  The benefit of plastic is that it can give the appearance of wood and once it’s painted, it never rots!

If you are concerned about rotted wood on your home, check the problem area yourself.  Here’s how: Look at the bottom of all your exterior door frames, window sills [if they are wood], and soffits.   If the wood is soft, if you can push your finger through it or if the structure is missing some wood and it looks deformed, chances are you have a rotted wood problem.