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Repainting Your Dining Room

by / Monday, 23 January 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

If you grew up in a home anything like my parents’ house, then the dining room was pretty much off limits. It was a formal room that we used only when important guests came over, or when the guests we had couldn’t fit at our kitchen table. Still, I remember when my mother took down the old wallpaper in the dining room and had it painted a new color–it looked amazing! Suddenly the room had more appeal to me, and I remember thinking, “When I grow up, I want my house to look like this.”

But painting dining rooms can be a bit tricky. Perhaps your home is more traditional, with the dining and living rooms separate. Or maybe your home is more modern and your living and dining rooms flow into one another. Each scenario calls for a different kind of paint job. If your dining room is completely separate from the living room, it may be easy to paint these two rooms two totally different colors. However, if your living room is connected to the dining room, how will you distinguish the two?

One option is to paint both rooms one color, and then add an accent wall of a different color to the wall in the dining room that is furthest away from the living room. The wall could be a bold color like orange, gold, red, or black. This bold color will make the wall in the dining room “pop” and distinguish it from the living room.

For other ideas on how to paint your dining room, there are many things to consider. For instance, if there are certain patterns on the chairs in your dining room, it’s possible to pull one or more of these colors from these patterns and use them throughout your dining area. The same goes for carpeting and rugs.

Does your dining room have hardwood floors? Crown molding? Wainscoting? If so, these are all other elements to consider. If your dining room is one of the lesser-used rooms in your home, feel free to experiment with different colors. Keep in mind that reds and oranges are more vibrant and will stimulate appetite, while cooler tones such as greens and blues will typically suppress appetite.

We want you to love the look of your dining room. If you would like to change things up with a new paint job but need some tips in doing so, please give us a call. We will always give you a free estimate! We look forward to serving as your favorite Cincinnati painters.

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