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Reclaiming Underutilized Rooms in Your Home

by / Monday, 26 March 2012 / Published in Home Improvement

Do you have a room that is being neglected? Underutilized? Forgotten? OK, you get the picture. Basically, you may have a room that is not being used to its full potential. Think attic, garage, the basement, or an exterior building. What could you turn it into? What about a playroom for your grandchildren? Or a quiet room, just for you? Or a studio, where you can work on your art, crafts, or music? The opportunities are endless. With just a little bit of effort, you can transform these under-utilized rooms into something more.

Lets’s say that attic of yours currently acts as an old storage room. If the walls are slanted, this is because of the roof. If you have the budget, you can do magnificent things like raising the ceiling to add skylights, or building cubbies or cabinets into the wall. Skylights add a lot of natural light to a room.

If skylights and the like are beyond your means, perhaps you can at least finish the drywall so that the rafters are not showing. This will allow you to paint the walls to transform your room. White paint greatly accentuates the openness of a room. Keep in mind that if you keep lighter colors on top, and darker colors towards the bottom, the room will appear lighter. You can choose your own colors or contact a Cincinnati painter for a professional and free consultation.

For more tips on optimizing other rooms, stay tuned for more posts.

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