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So you are in the market for a painter?  You need your house painted? Who do you call?

If you are like me, when I purchase a car I look for the one that does what the others’ do not.  I look for the car that lasts longer than the others.  Any car will take you 150,000 miles before dying, but which one will take you 300,000 miles? [Now I am not going to tell you what I drive, but if you can guess on your first try I will take $100.00 off your next paint project!]

So what does GreenWay do that the others’ do not?  A lot, in fact, a lot indeed!

  • We use the best paint presently known on the market.  In fact, if we could find anything better we would switch in a moment!
  • We use the top caulk on the market.  Most companies sell multiple grades of caulk; all of which in my opinion are not worth using unless it is thee very best!
  • We show up looking like professional painters.  We are told not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it – you want to know that you hired a professional, not your cousin.
  • We offer a guarantee on our work when 99% of painters do not; they simply take your money and run.  If there is an issue, they simply do not return your six voicemails you left them.
  • We are pleasant to be around and family friendly.
  • We have a supervisor on each job who is held accountable to your job being completed in a timely fashion and professional fashion.
  • We show up when we say we are going to show up.  If something comes up, we call.  We keep you in the loop with the progress of your project.
  • We complete the project correctly the first time.  You will have a end-of-the-job walk through with the supervisor to make sure everything was completed properly. [In fact, I will tell you a little secret, if our supervisors do not complete it right the first time, they get penalized].  So let’s put it this way – We do it right the first time!

Ultimately what it comes down to is we want you to know there is a professional painting company out there – GreenWay Painting! who does what the others’ do not!

Give us a call today – 513.405.7048!

Mention this article and receive $50.00 off your next project.

-Carl Grizovic, Owner


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