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Painting Your Home's Vinyl Siding

by / Friday, 06 January 2012 / Published in Exterior House Painting

Starting in the 70s, vinyl siding grew in popularity, mainly because of its low maintenance needs. Many beautiful old homes lost their unique exteriors as they were covered with this modern siding material. On top of that, many people found that it wasn’t as great as it was made out to be. Not only did it sometimes warp and bubble because of extreme weather and heat, it also got to look rather drab. And what if your house has two types of siding? Say one part was wood, the other vinyl. The wood needs to be repainted, but you have to keep painting it the same color because of the vinyl. You weren’t supposed to paint vinyl siding, so you were pretty much stuck with the original color, if you didn’t want to remove it.

But guess what? Advances in paint technology mean that this is no longer the case. You CAN paint the exterior of your vinyl-sided home. Major paint brands now offer paints specifically formulated for vinyl siding. These paints adhere well to the vinyl and won’t bubble or warp the way most exterior paints would. These paints are so good, many brands even offer a warranty on them as long as you follow the instructions on the cans.

Still, painting vinyl siding can be a bit tricky. Just like for any paint job, you need to make sure you prep the surface first. That means applying quite a bit of elbow grease and washing the house with soap and water by hand. You can’t really trust to a power washer, because it’s not guaranteed to get off all the dirt and grime. Plus, it can force water under the siding, which will prevent the paint from going on correctly. You’ll also need to remove any mildew with special cleaners. Then you need to pick your paint color carefully. If a color is too dark, it will absorb more heat from the sun and can cause damage to the siding.

Considering the possible damage if you do the paint job incorrectly, it just makes sense to hire a professional house painter to do the job. GreenWay Painting can handle ALL your Cincinnati exterior house painting needs. We know how to do the job right the first time, whether it’s painting vinyl siding or staining your deck.


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