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GreenWay paints Carabello Coffee

by / Tuesday, 06 September 2016 / Published in Eco-Friendly Practices, Exterior Business Painting, GreenWay
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Painting the new Carabello Coffee expansion in Newport, Kentucky.

Painting with Purpose

What do coffee beans and gallons of paint have in common? In this case, they are both focused keenly on quality and consistency, with the end in mind. Therefore, Greenway Painting is currently doing a painting project that we are ecstatic about. GreenWay Painting is painting the Carabello Coffee Expansion in the Historic District, in Newport, Kentucky.

Embody what you Believe

We are constantly trying to look for ways that we can improve and give our best effort at making your home beautiful, and give your home the look that can last for generations. Let us take care of your home, because we care how it will look in the end. Carabello Coffee has that same “end in mind” mentality. Carabello has given over 5% of their profits annually to help those that are in need. Whether that be in the Greater Cincinnati area, or in third world countries, they are giving time and energy to making this world a better place for the generations to come. They embody a spirit of forward thinking that we ourselves have.

Rewarding Recommendations:

We are happy to reward those who refer us to businesses, so if you know of any company’s that are looking for quality work, please give them our number. Finally, make sure that they mention that they know you and send us an email letting us know that you referred them. When we get their business, we will send you a $50 gift card to Carabello Coffee in Newport, Kentucky.

A little more about our client:

Carabello Coffee has stolen the heart of Cincinnati with it’s philanthropic acts, and it’s amazing attention to detail. Due to their attention to detail, they have hired us to paint the upper levels of Carabello Coffee. If you are looking for a great way to wake up in the morning, and are looking to give a little to those in need… Carabello Coffee is a great option.