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Paint Your Bedroom to Express Your Individuality

by / Wednesday, 21 December 2011 / Published in Interior House Painting

Because most of the rooms in our homes are at least semi-public areas, we often feel constrained in our choice of interior paint colors. We share those spaces with other household members as well as friends and other guests. Therefore, we opt for colors that are pleasing to a wide range of people. Your bedroom, on the other hand, gives you a great opportunity to express your individuality, not just in terms of the objects you keep in it, but also through your choice of paint color.

Of course, there are still practical considerations to take into account even if your own tastes are all you need to satisfy. For example, while hot pink may be your favorite color, it may not be conducive to peace of mind or sleep when you’re surrounded by it. Or a deep green may be an awesome color if you simply sleep in your room, it might be too dark and somber if you spend a lot of daylight hours there. It all depends on the person. So what should you think about when choosing your bedroom paint color?

  • Do you just sleep in your bedroom, or do you do other activities there?
  • What times of day do you spend time in the room?
  • How naturally bright or dark is the room?
  • Do you have furnishings which you’ll want the paint to complement?
  • What type of mood do you want the room to encourage?

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