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When is the best time to paint a home in Cincinnati?

by / Wednesday, 02 September 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

Painting Tips –

Question: When is the best time to paint an exterior home or business in the Mid-West?

Answer: Spring and Fall.


Spring and fall being ideal for painting is due to the fact that summer reaches high temperatures. And Winter drops below freezing, which is not ideal for painting.  So what’s the big deal?  The winters’ below freezing mark is obvious. but the summer has its own difficulties. For example, high temperatures cause paint to dry very quickly which creates “lap marks” or “stop-and-start marks.”  Lap marks are when the freshly painted surface will dry before the painter is able to re-dip their brush in the bucket and come back to the place he/she left off.  When a painter is unable to return to the freshly painted surface with more paint before the surface has dried, lap marks are created.  Looking down the surface of the board, high spots and low spots are visible as well as dry spots and wet spots.  It’s uneven at best and down-right ugly at worst.  With higher sheen paints like Satin and Gloss, lap marks really begin to show up and will make one unhappy customer.

Painting in the sun can blind the painter from seeing the board properly.  Later in the evening, “skippers” or “holidays” might be visible which could have easily been avoided by not painting in direct sunlight.

Therefore, a better time to paint is in the spring and fall.  Temperatures are milder allowing the painter the time needed to prevent lap marks and the ability to see the surface he/she is painting.

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