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GreenWay Painting Team - Meet the Crew!
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Team Greenway


                                                                 Malcolm: Customer Specialist/Project Manager

MalcomMalcolm is a people-person at heart, and it’s no surprise that he has been in customer service for almost 10 years. His passion is to create connections that will last and will bring community to those that are around him. People are his passion and painting is a portal to get to those relationships. Malcolm is married and happily enjoying the life that God has given him.



Nicole: Administrator

Nicole has been with the company six years and is a hard and professional worker! When not at work she is cooking something amazing. We hope you have the opportunity in your lifetime to have her cook for you.



Mark: Residential Supervisor

Mark is an honest and detailed painter for 14 years now. He loves his wife and loves the Steelers. We think he’s confused about good football teams.




   Aaron: Head of Painting Operations

Aaron, a veteran of the Air Force, enforces hard work, honesty, and discipline in our company. He lives in NKY with his wife and three children.





Pearson: Residential Supervisor

Pearson has been a part of our team for many years. He enjoys fishing, working on cars, and spending time with his three sons.





 Ron: Commercial Supervisor 

Ron loves to make client’s happy. He enjoys playing drums, spending time with    his fiancé and dog (miniature horse). He also loves to cook.





Troy: Lead Carpenter and Drywall Finisher

A perfectionist at heart, Troy takes his work seriously. He loves being a father to his two children.






IMG_4004Randy: Lead Roofer and Framer

Randy does top-notch work and is pleasant to be around. He is dependable and you will enjoy the work he performs on your project! Work hard, play hard is his motto. He enjoys being a father.




Kyle: Resident Artist

Kyle is a phenomenal artist; one of the best in Cincinnati. He has a very wide range of experience in faux finishes and murals. He loves gardening, cooking and vacationing. Each year he oversees a large project for Cincinnati Artworks.





CarlCarl: Managing Member

Carl understands what makes a business tick. He has aided in bringing GreenWay it’s current success when they opened their doors in 2009. When not at work, he is always with his family (five kids so far, working on fifteen). He enjoys gardening, sustainable living, and the kingdom of God.