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Morning Rituals

Rituals –

What ever you might be needing to do today, a plan to take care of what you need to do will help. Often times, I hear about how the day just “whizzed by!” And how it’s “already September!” While time does pass by quite quickly, that doesn’t mean it has to catch you off guard. Some of our team members wake up at 3:30 or 4 AM! At GreenWay, we believe in using time wisely. Greenway makes it a priority to maximize time, to work hard and long. Hard Work, honesty, professionalism, punctuality, high-quality paint are all core values for us here at GreenWay. Beyond that, we have a rhythm in which we answer calls, follow up emails, and give top of the line customer experiences. That all doesn’t come easily. Otherwise, everyone would be a 5 star business. We both know that is just not the case. Good customer service takes time and dedication to your employees, your customers, and your own schedule.


furthermore, Entrepreneur magazine did an article about morning routines. These morning routines set the tone for what you will be getting done for the day. These routines will give you a better projection of what you will be getting out of your life. In the painting industry that is also the case. Whatever sort of work that you are going to do, it is important to get into a rhythm of reviewing the work order before you start. Also, preparing your work station or walls, and then getting started from there. Often times, painters will stop short of a lot of these basic ideals. That results in a sloppy job that you have to hire other painting companies, like us, to come in and cover. In conclusion, we give our time of day, and our rhythm to you to make sure that your painting experience can start off on the right foot.