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Lead-based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Certification

by / Tuesday, 09 February 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

GreenWay Painting is proud to let you know that our certification is currently underway in time for the new laws from the EPA that will take effect April 22, 2010.

The new law is a federal regulatory program affecting contractors [like GreenWay], property managers, and others who disturb painted surfaces containing lead.  The new laws apply to all buildings in the U.S. built before 1978.  The new rules include resident education requirements as well as training, certification, and work practice requirements.  The rules also apply to both interior and exterior painting and renovation projects.

The potential penalties for not following the new regulations are stiff.  Contractors could be fined up to $32,500 per violation, per day.

GreenWay Painting wants you to know that our company will be certified before the new laws take effect.  Don’t take risks with your health, your children’s health, the environment or with the EPA!  Choose a certified company like GreenWay Painting for your lead-based paint renovation needs!

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