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Laundry Room Makeover Part 2: Paint and Products

by / Friday, 16 March 2012 / Published in Home Improvement

Check out Part 1 here.

Just because it’s the laundry room doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to look pretty. In fact, from my point of view, the prettier a room looks, the more I want to be in it. I have tried to convince my mother of this many times, as she still has not redone her laundry room. Her laundry room is in the basement. Not only is it extremely out of the way, it is unpleasant to be in. When I was growing up, I went into the laundry room, did my laundry, and went out, all the while trying to spend as little time as possible in there. But if you make your laundry room attractive, you’ll have a much more pleasant time when you do have to be there.

When redoing your laundry room, you want to choose durable products. For instance, when picking materials for the floor, you can select a vinyl, cork, or linoleum floor that you can glue down over wood or a floor with ceramic tiles. These types of floors keep the moisture out better than a wood or ceramic tile floor. You can also paint the floors, wall, or both. If you paint the walls, paints with a semi-gloss finish are easiest to wipe clean. When selecting countertops, go for an engineered stone, laminate, or Corian. These materials cost lest than natural stone, and come in a greater variety of shades, including muted ones. They are also nonporous, which greatly aids in cleaning.

Although white, beige, cream, and honey are some of the most popular colors to choose from when painting your laundry room, you definitely don’t have to keep with tradition.  I have seen beautiful examples of laundry rooms painted with bold, bright colors for floors and walls that make for a really fun room. For instance, I have seen a laundry room painted a deep red, with a red and white-checkered floor. The cabinets were also painted deep red and there was a white curtain in the room.  Another laundry room that I saw was painted a lime green. It was coupled with cute black-and-white, peel-and-stick tiles. The cabinets were painted white with a black trim, and there were garden and bird accents in the room.

Stay tuned for more ideas about paint and decorating tips for your laundry room in our next post.

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