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Investing in Your Home

by / Wednesday, 13 April 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

To the average employee, it’s just a job.  Clock in, clock out.  Don’t want to go in to work today and can’t wait to leave.  Late to work, early to leave…if we can get away with it.

How do you know your professional painting contractor is not just like another company and just not like another employee?

At GreenWay, we believe in something.  Actually, we believe in many things.

When I hire someone, I tell them, “You are going to like this job.”  They do not sense the bigger picture at first, but what I mean is that we are unlike other painting contractors in so many ways.  We are not like your last employer who did not care about you or his clients.

At GreenWay, homes are the investment and painters are the investment.  We do not just paint homes, we paint neighborhoods one satisfied customer at a time!  The hard earned money you have acquired, you do not want to spend all over again two years down the road.  We know that because we talk to homeowners everyday who’ve had some horror story about a painter they hired in the past who did a horrible job…and now it needs to be re-done.  He put a paintbrush in his hand and then called himself a painter and you got duped.

We want you to rest assured of these three things:

  1. Your home is an investment so we choose the best paint on the market to ensure this end.
  2. We warranty our work with a one-year interior touch up and a two-year exterior guarantee against peeling paint.
  3. Our work is a story about beautifying our creation with earth-friendly products and professional service for your satisfaction.

You see, this is not just another job.  This is a lifestyle and a story.  We are living it now.  We want our stories to intersect so that you can achieve what you are wanting to achieve with the biggest investment you have, your home.

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