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Interior Painting: A Stair Story

by / Wednesday, 25 January 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

If you have a two-story house or a basement, you probably do a lot of running up and down the stairs. The stairs may seem to take up a small amount of real estate in the house. However, they take the greatest beating. It may well be time to take a good look at them and consider a new coat of paint.

There are many different ways to present your stairs. For instance, you may love having carpet because you have a lot of kids, and if they fall, you want them to fall on something soft. However, let’s say that your children are grown up. Or perhaps you do not have any children. This leaves a lot of room for other options. You can paint or stain the stairs. You can paint a stair runner. The possibilities are endless.

Before you go and buy all of the necessary supplies in order to redo your stairs, check out the condition of your stairs. If you are going to paint or stain the stairs, it is necessary to remove all carpet tacks, as well as any carpet liners, if you have carpet. If there are any holes, you will have to fill them before painting or staining, so add the appropriate putty to your supply list. Also, inspect the steps to ensure that they are still structurally sound. If there are splits or gashes in the wood, you will have to fill these with wood caulking, replace any damaged pieces of wood, or—worst case scenario—you will have to replace the whole stair.

Once any structural damage is repaired, you need to make sure that the surface is smooth. If carpet fibers have become embedded in the wood, then you will need to use a stripper to remove any remnants of a previous finish. If your house was built before 1978, it is highly likely that the previous finish contained lead. If you are planning on stripping this yourself, certification is required to meet EPA standards to finish the job. Don’t forget to sand the stairs using the proper grades of sandpaper.

Once you prepare the stairs, the fun part is selecting the color or colors that you would like to use to paint it. Or, if you are opting for a more natural look, a stain would be wonderful. If you have natural hardwood floors, a stain will help to bring these out. Some common wood floors are oak, maple, walnut, and pine.

On the other hand, if you would rather not mess with the hassle of properly preparing, painting and/or staining your stairs, leave the grunt work to us. We are EPA certified and also are excellent at removing carpet. Sit back, relax, and let Greenway, your Cincinnati Painting Contractors, take your stairs to the next level.

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