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Hiring a Professional Painter for a Spring Spruce-Up

by / Wednesday, 22 February 2012 / Published in GreenWay

With spring just around the corner, many of you may be thinking that it’s time for you to paint that home or office. Just as it’s easier to make a budget using Microsoft Excel or file your taxes with TurboTax, you want to make sure that you have the right tools to paint your home or office. Many of you may work full time, have children, or both. If you’re married, perhaps you can afford the luxury of one spouse staying at home. However, that seems harder to accomplish these days.

If both of you are working, taking on projects on the weekends can take up a great deal of your precious time that could be better spent relaxing from your hard week at work. Everyone jokes that the weekends are never long enough. If that’s the case, consider hiring painting contractors that can give you a free estimate and professional advice on selecting colors and more. Not to mention that we also have over 13 years of experience under our belts.

Despite all of this, perhaps you are determined on starting and completing your own projects. If you do begin a project, remember to keep in mind your own physical limitations. Use or buy reliable tools, including a ladder. Estimate how long the project will take you, and then expect it to take at least twice as long. Use protective wear, including ear plugs (if you’re using power tools), gloves, masks, and shoes. Be sure to take plenty of breaks.

If you do find that you are overwhelmed by a project that you’ve begun, it’s never too late to call Cincinnati painting contractors for help. Calculate how much your time is worth, and then decide if it would make more sense to hire professionals to finish the job. If you take the time to calculate and see how much your time is worth-you may be surprised, and happier, that you hired someone in the end. And with GreenWay’s no-strings-attached free estimate, you won’t be deceived.

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