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Hiring a Painter for Your Office (Part Two)

by / Wednesday, 15 February 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

In our last post, we talked about some of the legal issues you’ll need to think about when hiring a Cincinnati painter for your office. Now we’ll look at some additional things you’ll need to take into consideration before going ahead with the job.

When selecting a painting contractor, you want to be sure that they can work around your schedule. Start by determining the best time for the contractor to work. They will most likely disturb your place of business by painting the area during the day, so decide if this is practical or even doable. It also depends on how quickly you want the job to get done. If you want the job to get done more quickly, then it may be best to allow contractors to work during normal business hours. However, if you work at a bank, this could pose an obstruction to security, and it may be best to wait until after office hours to have the interior painted.

If your office is in a building that is shared by multiple offices, the contractors should alert your other neighbors to the fact that they’ll be painting. They’ll also need to use proper signage to indicate when there is wet paint. Keeping the lines of communication open is key and will prevent frustration on your neighbors’ part.

If you share a common building, then it’s best for the contractor to use a low odor, low-VOC paint. It would also be ideal if the contractor is knowledgeable about the different types of finishes. For instance, one finish may reflect more light than another, which would in turn reduce your energy costs. We specialize in both these types of paints and finishes at Greenway Painting, LLC.

We hope that these tips help you to select your next painting contractor. We’d love for you to give us a call at (513) 405-7048 for a free estimate today.


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