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GeoAds: The importance of your story.

by / Wednesday, 16 March 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

Even if your company has not worked with GeoAds yet at this point, you are probably somewhat familiar with our unique methods for strategizing yard sign placement and creating long term visibility within the local community for our partners. We recently had a client company land 5 big contracts in less than a month using our methods! We believe firmly that this is a really useful service for our clients on a short term basis, but our real focus in this is actually to help companies recognize and seek after a larger, long-term goal. The goal of gaining a space to tell a story within individual’s minds.

We further seek to achieve this goal through Brand & Story Development. Most small business owners do not really recognize the value and potential they have in simply being intentionally straightforward.

Let me put it this way. We as human beings are always telling a story. Even a mathematic problem or a list of related facts can convey a story to those who understand how to interpret it correctly. No matter what form of communication we are involved in, we are portraying some form of a story. So the question for your company is simply this, “What story am I telling?” When this question takes on a business aspect, there are a multitude of factors such as advertising, customer service, and employee relations which become complex factors. Ultimately, however, most companies are telling mixed or confusing stories. While individual complexities create unique situations, a quick evaluation from this standpoint can usually give us some immediate indicators for improvement.

At GeoAds, we really want to emphasize the need for an honest story. If your company doesn’t truly have something valuable to offer to clients, we don’t seem much reason in trying to help you improve your story. We don’t really even want to try to partner with companies who are ultimately not benefiting anyone. For a business owner, the question finally comes back to how greatly you believe you are offering value, and learning to expound upon that value.

A quick example of this is our partner company, Greenway Painting. Greenway has experienced tremendous growth in only a few years of existence as a company. While many of the skilled painters who work for Greenway have a decade or more in experience and it shows in the work, the company grows easily because of the straightforward honesty that has a trickle down effect from Carl, to his supervisors, down to even the newest employee. Referrals come flying in not only because the product is superb, but the company story that is expressed is both honest and believable. People like being a part of it.

At GeoAds, we seek to help other companies realize this business formula. If you have something worth while, you don’t need to stress about getting everyone’s attention. You need to focus your energy on continuing to refine the product you deliver, and how to become a better story teller.

Micah Landers

Chief of Operations



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