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GeoAds: Stress Shows!

by / Tuesday, 22 March 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

Here at GeoAds, we get the priveledge of coming into contact with many unique varieties of companies. There really are a very wide spectrum of business models that lean heavily upon yard sign advertising to get the word out throughout the local communities!

In seeing such a diversity, even within TBN circles, it has become easy to spot the frustrations many business owners face and where the often arise. Many small business owners are so focused on the practical aspects of making their efforts more profitable that they lose their grip on the story they are telling. Often busy entrepreneurs don’t even realize that their clients, employees, and other associates can see the frustrations they are muddling through. When a business is getting the best of its owner or operator, it can have damaging effects on the relationships throughout that persons network of influence, regardless of the individuals knowledge of the vibe they are exuding.

When people begin to take our messages to heart, it creates a lot of relief and reassurance about the vision they have in what their company is pursuing. When a company is continually returning to its chief goals and redefining itself based upon the bigger picture of the role it strives to fill, there is space for confidence to grow in all of the aforementioned relationships involved.

When you forget to ask yourself why your so busy, you will begin to lose effectiveness in what you do.


Micah Landers



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