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GeoAds: No Lie! The necessity of honesty in your Story

by / Sunday, 27 March 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

As you have hopefully gotten used to hearing from us, a company that functions well should be expressing a clearly emphasized story, hopefully uniformly at every employee level. This is something that is nearly impossible to accomplish, but those who are careful to put forward the effort will often reap a shining reputation and customer referrals that do more than any advertisement could ever hope to accomplish.

What you may not realize, however, is just how important it is that your story be an honest one. While a poorly focused, missing, or invisible story is the ultimate missed opportunity to build your reputation in minds, telling a deceptive story is one that will spread the eventual downfall of your organization. A company that falsely seeks its customer’s best interests will be shunned if it is ultimately only trying to get at their checkbooks.

Most companies do not begin with intentions of doing this, but as expansion happens, often a centralized internal message is lost, and while the methods and procedures of the company become standardized, there is a space to eventually begin expressing a message that doesn’t gel with the actual experience, which can be like a poison if customers become sensitive to it.

I rarely meet a small business owner who has any true struggle with this issue, which is generally reserved for larger companies who have experienced detrimental results through growing pains. It is a hazard worth noting, however, because there are a handful of people whom we occasionally meet that eventually turn up to be fraudulent or scammers. I just recently learned of a friend who was almost caught in a bad business deal with a false company built on a mountain of false stories.

Being passionately intentional about streamlining your company’s ability to stick to the story on every level will keep you from ever even having to question whether anyone is perceiving cracks or false hopes in your story. Don’t leave any room for questions!

Micah Landers


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