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GeoAds: Knowing your Story means finding a niche

by / Saturday, 02 April 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

There are many of us who are involved in related and even overlapping fields. This doesn’t often create a very large conflict, because many industries are so large that most of our companies could not begin to handle the volume of all the possible leads in the area. What we promote here at GeoAds is really a more aggressive attempt at making yourself more memorable than competitors, by actually learning to provide a more intentional quality product.

As a business owner begins to dig into how they want to be defined and the direction they are building in, there is frequently a revelation that productivity toward these valuable goals can actually be realized by taking on a more strategic approach to what services are provided. When any company is struggling to keep up with their demand, they should immediately review the profitability of the range of their services.

This is not to say that there should automatically be a cut. It would be foolish to not seek to expand when your reputation begins to proceed you. By discovering what niche you desire to fill, and also by evaluating what niche your already beginning to fill, you have the greater opportunity to balloon in that specific area before taking over uncharted or less reputable territories.

Micah Landers


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