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Exterior Painting: Doors Do Matter

by / Monday, 30 January 2012 / Published in Exterior House Painting

The color that you have on your front door can say a lot about your personality. Is the color traditional and classic? Monochromatic? Bold and exciting? Your front door provides a lot of opportunity to make a statement. I have seen bold reds, mysterious purples, and traditional blacks. If you have a front door that needs a little sprucing up, we have some great suggestions on picking a color.

If you want the color on your door to pop, pick a bold color for your door as well as finish. Reds, yellows, and oranges are all good choices. Deep blues and purples are another favorite choice. When you consider what color to paint your front door you should also consider other areas of the house’s exterior. The last thing that you want is a house that has too many contrasting colors. In general, the garage doors should blend in with the rest of the house, unless there is a particular feature about them that you would like to highlight. If your home has shutters, then you might want to paint the garage door the same color as the shutters. Shutter colors also look good if they match the roof color. You can easily create a line of color which is visually appealing and draws the eye from the bottom of the house toward the top if you match all three of these areas.

Once you’ve selected your color, you also need to select the finish. You can choose between satin, gloss, or semi-gloss. A gloss finish is by far the most durable and can also appear very shiny, since it reflects the most light. Semi-gloss finishes are not as shiny, but they are easier to clean. Satin is the least durable finish, but if you have bumps and imperfections in your door, this is the way to go. If your door happens to be made of wood with a beautiful grain, you can apply a stain to enhance its appearance. Applying a clear coat of Urethane will also protect the door from the elements.

If you need help in deciding how to proceed with sprucing up your door, we are here to help. Contact Greenway Painting, LLC, your certified Cincinnati painters.


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