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Don't Be Duped By Your Painter

by / Friday, 09 September 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

I walked up to a house this week to give a bid on an interior room for a homeowner.  We had lost the exterior bid we gave them a few months back to another painting contractor.  But we had another chance to redeem ourselves and win the interior room, which we did by the way.

However, as I walked up to the house to give the interior estimate what I saw on the exterior of their house was appalling to me.

  1. I could not tell the house was painted even though it had been painted just a few months prior. This was because the painter used a cheap flat paint which had already started to show signs of wear.
  2. I do not think the painter owned a caulk gun or caulk because all the cracks and crevices on the wood trim were not caulked tight.
  3. They did not re-caulk in the windows to the brick either which not only allows water to get into the house but also allows air drafts from the outside to get into the house.
  4. And lastly, and most surprising, they painted over badly rotted wood.  When I brought this to the homeowners attention, they did not know the wood was rotted, which let’s us all know that the painter wasn’t looking out for the best interest of the homeowner.  He wanted to get in, get out, and get a check.

Don’t be duped by your painter.  Call GreenWay today and we’ll give you the durability and professionalism you need to get things done right…the first time!

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