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Don’t Be Duped By A Cheap Painter

by / Saturday, 07 July 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting, Uncategorized

About a month ago we gave a bid to a man who’d gotten a steal of a deal on a foreclosed home. As I walked the house I could tell at one point it was very beautiful and spacious. The homeowner was wanting walls, ceilings, trim and doors painted on two floors of this large home.

The homeowner confessed that we were the most professional and most helpful during the bidding process, but unfortunately he had awarded the bid to another painter who had painted his friends house because he was 25% cheaper. Supposedly, the painter had done a great job at his friends house.

Yesterday I got a very frustrated call from this homeowner calling me to apologize. He said the other painter had done a horrible job and was still not done with the project. He was over a week late from finishing even though he knew the deadline and had promised to be be done by July 3rd. His lines were not straight anywhere in the house. And he tried to charge the homeowner more money in order to recoup losses from under bidding the job.

The homeowner confessed he made a mistake and was sorry. He said he’d be calling us back to paint the exterior soon.

Moral of the story: there’s a lot of guys out there who put a brush in their hands and call themselves a painter.  Don’t be duped by a cheaper bid. We don’t want you to have a horror story to tell after having your home painted so call GreenWay today – 513-405-7048!