Cincinnati Power Washing

power washing - clean roof

Cleaning the house with power washing.


The most important step to painting a house is not the paint itself, but actually the amount of preparation work that you do prior to painting. One of the methods that GreenWay uses to prepare those surfaces for painting is power washing. pressure washing a surface with water that is between 2,200 and 3,500 psi can do much more deep cleaning than say your garden hose. A house that has deep stains or excessive amounts of paint peeling off can sometimes be taken care of with pressure washing.
Many times painters will not take the time to give your house a nice rinse or scraping before they start painting. ‘Why would that be a problem?’ you might ask. Well, if you think about putting any sort of adhesive material onto any desired material that you want to stick together, then why would you want dirt to get in the way of that adhesion? You wouldn’t! Neither would we, so we offer in our painting packages several different options to prepare your surfaces for painting. If you are thinking about doing a project yourself, but do not have the ability or interest to power wash your house, then give us a call.

Power Washing:

With Greenway painting, We specialize in not only painting, but also Cincinnati power washing.

Whether that be your home or a commercial property. Because we focus so heavily on customer service, pressure washing is only a natural prequel to painting. This also makes sure that your home or deck stays beautiful for even longer.

We are happy to make your painting experience enjoyable and not have to happen as frequently. Longevity and using green products is one of the ways that we express our GreenWay.

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