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Cheer Up Your Kitchen: Bring On the Yellow Paint

by / Monday, 02 April 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

If you are looking for a bright but not over stimulating color to paint your kitchen, yellow is a great option. I know that I feel instantly happy whenever I walk into a kitchen that is painted yellow. It’s bright, cheery, and sunny.

You don’t have to pick the boldest yellow color. There are many different shades of yellow. For instance, you may choose a neutral creamy yellow. Such a color has a similar neutral appearance to a beige or cream, and is subtle, faint, and beautiful.  Buttercream is another beautiful but subtle color, slightly more bold than a neutral yellow. Of course, if you want to go all out with Fiesta flare, sunflower yellow is your best friend.

Red accents in the form of trim, or even an accent wall, make a good match for a yellow kitchen and will further liven up the space. Or you could go for bold accents with your dishes, towels and other kitchen essentials. If you’re not into red, white or espresso cabinetry will enhance the boldness of the yellow and showcase any accents. In general, keep darker shades towards the bottom, and lighter shades towards the top.  This will create a balanced yet bold look for your kitchen.

Yellow is just one example of a great color for a kitchen. What color is your kitchen painted right now? Do you like it?  Would you want a remodel? Why or why not?


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