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Cabinet Refinishing vs. New Cabinets?

by / Tuesday, 22 October 2013 / Published in Interior House Painting, Uncategorized

Oftentimes homeowners will ask us the true costs of refinishing cabinets vs. installing new cabinets.

The national average to install new cabinets is $4,507.00 – $6,711.00*

The national average to refinish existing cabinets is $2,234.00 – $3,122.00*

On the low end, you are saving $2,273.00 to refinish your existing cabinets and on the high end you are saving $3,589.00

The good news?  We are one of the few companies that actually refinishes cabinets!  This is our specialty. Most painters merely brush and roll cabinets. Our spray method produces the furniture look you are looking for.

  • Our pricing is simple:
  • To paint the cabinets = $100.00 per movable door/drawer [oil prime and two coats of Satin finish with Insl-X Cabinet Coat]
  • To re-stain and varnish = $150.00 per movable door/drawer [re-stain and two coats of poly/lacquer]
  • To strip, re-stain and varnish = $200.00 movable per door/drawer [stripper, re-stain and two coats of poly/lacquer]

We also have faux applications for cabinets. Need a quote?  Simply count your doors and you have the labor price to refinish them.

*Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.