3 Excellent Companies for Remodel

Looking to remodel, and put a new face on to your house? Get yourself a drink, and put on your “get stuff done” hat, and let’s get this thing on the way. GreenWay is heavily involved in a BNI group in Blue Ash, Ohio, and we know quite a few excellent remodeling companies, and have plenty of

3 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Have you ever gotten your bill for November and been dumbfounded at just how astronomical your bill was? AND your house still felt like it was just above freezing inside? We know that feeling all too well, and we have been in that same place ourselves. We are here to tell you that you have


“Givers Gain is a philosophy based on the law of reciprocity. In the context of networking groups, people who adopt this philosophy dedicate themselves to giving business to their fellow networkers rather than making their foremost concern getting business for themselves.” -Ivan Misner BNI (Business Networking International) BNI is an organization that focuses solely on passing business

Faux Finish Cabinets

Getting a Fresh Look – Have you ever looked at your cabinets and thought, “I wish we these cabinets looked different…”? You’re not the only one. GreenWay Painting specializes in faux finishes and would be happy to make your wishes become reality. With the daunting task of trying to go to Lowes and figure out just which