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The Cost Of Painting Your Home Yourself

Thursday, 26 November 2009 by

Painting Your Home?  Recently, I happened to be in three different homeowners homes who had previously painted their own home, or the previous owner had painted the home.  In all three of these homes, the present homeowner paid me to fix the imperfections in their work or the previous owners work. If you watch TV

What Paint Should I Buy?

Friday, 23 October 2009 by

What paint should you buy? It seems homeowners go just about anywhere to buy paint.  Perhaps it is because “they were already there” and didn’t want to go to the paint store. Or perhaps they thought it was a better priced paint or even a good paint.  Whatever the reason, it’s not worth buying. Why

In Cincinnati and Northern KY, I come across many different people with many different feelings about painting.  Some love to paint.  Others hate to paint.  Some hate to paint but want to save money by painting a project themselves.  Others say they are good at painting and should have hired a real professional. Whatever your

Replacing Rotted Wood in Cincinnati

Friday, 09 October 2009 by

Wood Replacement –  While I am giving a painting estimate for an exterior on a house, I find wood that has rotted.  There are a couple of contributing factors as to why the wood has deterioated.  Some factors include: too much time has elapsed between paint jobs on the home, the previous painter didn’t properly cover the wooden

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