Who Dey Painting?

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6:00 AM, the sprinklers begin their gentle barrage of rain on to the newly laid lawn, as the sun just begins to show stirrings of being in our horizon. The aroma of coffee and waffles fills the air as those that were in their homes begin their day with breakfast and a mad dash out the door to take charge of another day at work. No matter what kind of life you live, you know the importance of being a hard worker, and going to work, even when you don’t feel like it.

We recently had the immense pleasure to paint a house that belongs to someone who all of Cincinnati is very fond of his work ethic. This man can run a 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, and hails from the state of Georgia. Have any guesses yet? Does the name AJ Green ring a bell?

We are all inspired by athletes such as AJ green to continuously work our very hardest to be the best we can be at what ever profession it is. Whether that’s painting, being a CPA, or being a world class athlete, we are driven to make your home be as beautiful as it can be.

Time to grill out!

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It’s that time of year where everyone is going to come out to your house, see your deck, and be taken in by the delicious meats you’re grilling, and the tasty drinks you’re serving.

Something you want to make sure of, is that your deck is stained and sealed properly! Otherwise you could really be damaging the wood by having all those feet walk all over it, and having liquid from those drinks spill on to the wood and potentially harm it!


So if you’re interested in getting your deck looked at and getting a quote, just go to our contact page and give your details so we can come out and look at it!


(Check out THIS helpful link to Lowe’s tips on decks.)


Rain, Rain, Go Away…

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We love rain as much as the next earth-loving human, but sometimes it’s difficult to be able to work with the weather when you have an exterior painting job that you would like to work on.

Our job in the painting industry relies heavily on variables like: rain, wind, blistering and bone-chilling temperatures. These are all factors to consider when looking towards the rest of your day.

For example, before coming to work for GreenWay, I had never looked at the Weather app on my phone, but now I check it at least 4-5 times a day. How many times have you looked at the weather today?

BNI Madness

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Beyond looking to make customers and new friends in business happy at Greenway, we are also constantly looking to improve our business network!

This week we have started to get back in the swing of going to BNI meetings, and man is it great to meeting new faces! We are delighted to be able to make new friends and potential partners for the future, along with being able to bring them business as well!

Giver’s gain is BNI’s philosophy, and we are enthused to be able to give as much as we can in these coming weeks, months, and years to our customers and to the group we decide on going with!

Cabinet Refinishing vs. New Cabinets?

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Oftentimes homeowners will ask us the true costs of refinishing cabinets vs. installing new cabinets.

The national average to install new cabinets is $4,507.00 – $6,711.00*

The national average to refinish existing cabinets is $2,234.00 – $3,122.00*

On the low end, you are saving $2,273.00 to refinish your existing cabinets and on the high end you are saving $3,589.00

The good news?  We are one of the few companies that actually refinishes cabinets!  This is our specialty. Most painters merely brush and roll cabinets. Our spray method produces the furniture look you are looking for.

  • Our pricing is simple:
  • To paint the cabinets = $100.00 per movable door/drawer [oil prime and two coats of Satin finish with Insl-X Cabinet Coat]
  • To re-stain and varnish = $150.00 per movable door/drawer [re-stain and two coats of poly/lacquer]
  • To strip, re-stain and varnish = $200.00 movable per door/drawer [stripper, re-stain and two coats of poly/lacquer]

We also have faux applications for cabinets. Need a quote?  Simply count your doors and you have the labor price to refinish them.

*Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

GreenWay Painting has yet another great review

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Hi Carl

We’re happy to inform you that GreenWay Painting LLC has received an A+ reliability rating from PeopleClaim.com. Your PeopleClaim rating reflects your complaint history and your good-faith efforts to resolve disputes filed by customers or other counterparties through the PeopleClaim dispute resolution system. Your rating is reflected on your PeopleClaim Business Profile, which is currently available to search users who Google your business by name, industry, or location.

-PeopleClaim Administration

Don’t Be Duped By A Cheap Painter

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About a month ago we gave a bid to a man who’d gotten a steal of a deal on a foreclosed home. As I walked the house I could tell at one point it was very beautiful and spacious. The homeowner was wanting walls, ceilings, trim and doors painted on two floors of this large home.

The homeowner confessed that we were the most professional and most helpful during the bidding process, but unfortunately he had awarded the bid to another painter who had painted his friends house because he was 25% cheaper. Supposedly, the painter had done a great job at his friends house.

Yesterday I got a very frustrated call from this homeowner calling me to apologize. He said the other painter had done a horrible job and was still not done with the project. He was over a week late from finishing even though he knew the deadline and had promised to be be done by July 3rd. His lines were not straight anywhere in the house. And he tried to charge the homeowner more money in order to recoup losses from under bidding the job.

The homeowner confessed he made a mistake and was sorry. He said he’d be calling us back to paint the exterior soon.

Moral of the story: there’s a lot of guys out there who put a brush in their hands and call themselves a painter.  Don’t be duped by a cheaper bid. We don’t want you to have a horror story to tell after having your home painted so call GreenWay today – 513-405-7048!

Lead Paint Violators

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In Cincinnati, there are many homes built before 1978 and therefore many homes which contain lead paint. I’ve been in the business long enough to know when I see lead paint. I usually do lead tests to confirm lead, but nonetheless I can tell from looking at a business or home.

About two weeks ago [on the same day] I saw two local painting contractors painting two different homes which had lead paint on them. They were breaking every rule in the EPA’s book. Most people are still unaware of why this is important.

It’s important for two reasons:

  1. Lead paint is highly poisonous to your family; that’s why it was outlawed in 1978.
  2. The EPA created laws in April 2010 which stated a contractor wishing to work with lead had to be certified by the EPA and had to practice the safety laws associated with lead paint. Fines for not doing so start at around $32,000.00 per violation per day.

If you want your project with lead paint completed correctly and in accordance with the lead safety laws give GreenWay a call today.

-Carl Grizovic, President