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Adding Some Grip to Your Floors

by / Friday, 17 February 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

If your office is open to the public and includes an entryway, chances are you need the stairs and floors to be extra durable to keep up with the all of the foot traffic that you will experience throughout the years. It would also be nice to go out of your way to add grip to the steps or floor to ensure people don’t slip. If you are painting the floor of the office on your own, this is a fairly easy task to do, one that is endorsed by Martha Stewart herself. We’ll give you some tips below.

An easy way to add an extra measure of grip to your floor is to add sand or commercial products to floor paint. You can mix the grit in a few different ways. For one, you can add the sand directly into the bucket of paint, stirring it occasionally to make sure that it does not settle at the bottom of the bucket. Another way is to paint the floor the desired color and then add sand on top of the paint while it is still wet. After this dries, be sure to add another coat of paint so that all of the granules of sand are covered.

If you are planning on using thinner paint on the floor’s surface, it would be best to use smaller granules of sand. The thicker the paint, the larger the granules of sand you can use. The thicker the granule, the better the grip. However, if you plan on walking around barefoot, it may be better to go with the smaller granules.

At Greenway Painting, your Cincinnati house painters, we have been mixing paint with grit for years. If you know that your home or office needs to add this kind of protection but you don’t want to deal with the mess, please call us for a free estimate.


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