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A Painting Contractor with a Plan

by / Tuesday, 31 May 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

When a contractor hires a painter they assume a lot.  They assume the new painter knows how to set a ladder.  They assume the new painter knows what paints you should use for different types of surfaces. They assume the new painter knows to use drop cloths. They assume the new painter knows not to clean brushes in the kitchen sink. They assume the new painter knows to treat grass like carpet. And they assume the new painter knows how to paint.

We are a little different at GreenWay.  We have a plan, a manuel, and an operation guideline!  We do not assume.  First thing we do is train.  Everyone is trained.  This is a policy we started awhile ago because we learned something;  that it’s bad to assume.  At least that is what my father always used to tell me years ago.

If you ask us what our mode of operation is then we have something to show you…written down. We are not fly-by-night painters and we do not have a fly-by-night mode of operation.

-Carl Grizovic, Owner

Documentation provides your people with the structure they need and with a written account of how to “get the job done” in the most efficient and effective way. It communicates to the new employees, as well as to the old, that there is a logic to the world in which they have chosen to work, that there is a technology by which results are produced. Documentation is an affirmation of order. – Gerber

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