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A New Year's Kitchen Makeover

by / Wednesday, 11 January 2012 / Published in Interior House Painting

In our last post, talked about following through on giving your home a facelift for the New Year by getting its exterior painted. But if you can’t afford to repaint the outside of your home, perhaps you should consider giving just ONE of the rooms inside your house a facelift. Sometimes, by just painting a piece of furniture a different color, this can give the room a whole new look. We specialize in painting cabinets, and it’s amazing what fresh color on all your doors and drawers can do for your kitchen.

Research has shown that the kitchen is one of the favorite parts of the house for many women. Perhaps you like to prepare meals for the ones that you love here. Indeed, many of us express our love through cooking. When you spend so much important time in the kitchen, it’s necessary to keep it looking in top-notch shape. What if the kitchen needs a new look but you can’t afford new cabinets? Let us, your Cincinnati painters, give them some fresh color.

Furthermore, did you know that we guarantee our Cincinnati painting work? In some houses, it’s obvious that the previous painter slapped on some paint to get a paycheck and left as quickly as they could. We’re not in the business of tearing other people’s businesses down, so we won’t mention any names; however, we are in the business of providing a reasonably-priced, fresh new look that you can count on.


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