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3 Ways to Winterize Your Home

by / Tuesday, 20 September 2016 / Published in Uncategorized
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Winterize your home!

Have you ever gotten your bill for November and been dumbfounded at just how astronomical your bill was? AND your house still felt like it was just above freezing inside? We know that feeling all too well, and we have been in that same place ourselves. We are here to tell you that you have the ability to change your heat bill and your blanket usage this winter. We have 3 simple ways to make this winter more bearable for you and your wallet.

1. Seal it up!

Heat is going to do whatever it can to escape, and the easiest way for it to do that is to find the path of least resistance and make a break for it. With fall about to be here, it is the perfect time to go out and purchase a product like Permanizer from Porter Paints, along with the product Luxon, you will seal up your foundation to make sure that no moisture will get into your cracks, and further split your foundation of your home. Once you put loxon, and let it dry, you can use the Permanizer to cover up and seal your foundation.

2. Pack It In!

Heat has the great strength of finding your thinly packed walls or attics, and using that breach in your heat-defenses as a way to escape. Make sure to run to Home Depot, or Lowes and buy some insolation. When you install insolation into walls, and attics, you are going to significantly lower the heating bill, because you’re keeping all your heat inside the building.

3. Clean It Out!

Although those leaves are beautiful, they do not do well inside of your gutters. Gutters can get clogged up, and can give you and your home a nasty surprise when they do not allow water from the snow to pass through the downspouts and end up freezing and ripping off your house.


If any of these tasks interest you, but you’re not able to find the time, GreenWay would love to help you and your family achieve a warmer feel this holiday season!